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After the Storm: A Checklist for Homeowners

Storms in the Midwest can be very intense, but the aftermath can present even more stress for homeowners. If you’ve made it through a storm and think that your home may have damage, here is a checklist to help ensure proper care of your home after a storm.

1. Call Weathers Exteriors for a FREE Inspection
Sometimes it’s difficult to tell from the ground level if your roof has experienced damage from a hail storm or high winds. Contact the experienced professionals at Weathers Exteriors and trust us to provide a thorough and FREE inspection. We’ll let you know if there is any damage and if that damage is enough to file an insurance claim.

2. Protect Your Home and Belongings
Take some time to do an inspection of your home and property. Check for leaks from your roof, shingles in your yard and evidence of other hail damage like pings in your car. You may find that you need to make temporary repairs to your home. Call Weathers Exteriors to perform this work for you, or if you perform some minor repairs yourself, keep the receipts for any materials you have to purchase. You may also find damaged personal property. Be sure to make a list of all damaged items, and include as much information as known, including model numbers and estimated values. Weathers Exteriors will discuss these costs with your insurance company and ensure all due reimbursements are paid to you.

3. Let Weathers Exteriors Coordinate with You and Your Insurance Company
Insurance claims can be complex and time consuming. It’s important to have a qualified professional with your best interests in mind to manage the details with your insurance company. We work with insurance companies everyday and know the details of the process. You can trust Weathers Exteriors to work on your behalf to get you everything you deserve.

4. Review Costs and Scope of Work
Avoiding a deductible payment is simply not possible. Senate Bill 101 states that contractors who perform roof or other residential exterior work are prohibited from offering to pay, in any monetary form, a homeowner’s insurance deductible as an incentive to encourage the homeowner to hire the contractor. All costs for the project are agreed upon with your insurance company. This means that there are no surprises later. Unless you have agreed, in writing, to additional services, you can expect your expenses to only include your deductible payment and costs for replacing bad decking, which first must be authorized by you, the homeowner. Once the claim is settled with your insurance company, a copy of our estimate, approved by your insurance company, will be provided to you upon request. As always, we’ll answer any questions you might have and make sure you understand the full process.

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