Hail and wind damage is an insurable loss, and your insurance carrier is legally obligated to return your property to its condition prior to experiencing the loss. Since installing used shingles is not an option, this means installing a new roof!

Here are some important FAQs that you might already have in mind:

It shouldn’t, but if it does, you can switch insurance companies once you have a new roof and almost assuredly get a lower annual premium. How is this possible you may ask? It is because insurance premiums are based on certain risk factors and once you have a new roof, you become a lower risk to insure. In fact, your current insurance company will typically lower your annual premium if you provide them with a statement of completion showing that you now have a new roof. You would think that they would automatically do this since they are already aware that you have a new roof, as they are the ones who approved it, but unfortunately it is not automatic. Like many things in life, if you aren’t privy to how things work, you will simply miss out on the savings you deserve!

Additionally, the way that premium increases for hail and / or wind damage usually occur is by region, not on an individual basis, according to the total loss incurred by any given insurance company in that given region. As previously stated, insurance premiums are based on certain risk factors, and since hail and wind damage are considered an act of God or out of your control, filing a claim for this type of damage doesn’t make you a higher risk to insure. Therefore, insurance companies don’t typically single out an individual policyholder for a premium rate increase when they file a claim for hail and / or wind damage unless you have made a significant number of claims in recent years. Any more questions about this, just fill out a “contact us” form and one of our qualified representatives will be happy to reach out to you to answer any questions you may have.

You, as a policyholder, are responsible for your deductible, the possibility of any bad wood (1st sheet is free, and we do the rest at cost), and for any upgrades you and our field representative agree on (IF YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A 3-TAB SHINGLE, WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE UPGRADE TO AN ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLE).
No. Our initial agreement with you will state that we will only replace your roof if your insurance adjuster approves your roof for a full tear off and a full replacement. If your roof is not approved in full, and you would still like to replace your roof, we will fill out a whole new agreement and provide you with an estimate, as it applies.
Any bad decking will be replaced, as needed, at or around the actual cost we incur for materials and labor. We may use 1/2” OSB, 1/2” plywood, plank decking, or match whatever the existing decking is made of.
Generally, architectural shingles (sometimes called dimensional, laminated or composite) are almost 50% heavier than regular 3-tab shingles and are layered, giving them a three dimensional look. In contrast, 3-tab shingles have a flat, single-layer look. Because architectural shingles are heavier, and thicker than 3-tab shingles, they provide better resistance against damage due to strong wind, and they provide better protection against hail damage as well.
No. We offer a free upgrade to limited lifetime architectural shingles, for displaying our small sign in your yard, if you currently have a 3-tab shingle. However, any other upgrades will cost extra, such as an upgrade to better ventilation.

Yes. We are an accredited business with an A+ rating on the BBB, and you can look us up at www.bbb.org.

The Weathers Exteriors website is designed with you in mind. Our goal is to answer your questions, provide valuable information regarding roof replacement and to make it easy for you to get in touch with our office and talk to a real person!  Because the insurance claims process can be complicated, we expect you might have more questions. Please feel free to submit your information and question in the link below or give us a call today!